About Pastor Brian Holle

Pastor Holle is a 2004 graduate of Concordia Seminary Ė St. Louis. He and his wife (Becky) have three adult children, and they live across the driveway from the church in Zionís parsonage. Becky is a Family and Consumer Science teacher at Edwardsville High School; daughter Katie, her husband Jeff, and their son Charlie live in Plano, Texas; son Jake and his wife Kate live in Phoenix, Arizona; and son Matt lives in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Prior to beginning his seminary training in 2000, Pastor Holle (Brian) was employed for 13 years as a civil/structural engineer. He spent approximately 8 years designing and overseeing the construction and installation of offshore oil and gas platforms in the Gulf of Mexico for Exxon in New Orleans, and then about 5 years as a consulting engineer and partner in a firm in Hannibal, Missouri.

During his time at the seminary, Pastor Holle and his family lived in Hamel, Illinois and they belonged to, and he did his field work and vicarage at, St. Paul Lutheran Church just outside Hamel. His ďLutheranĒ roots run deep as he was raised on a small farm in north-central Kansas where he was privileged to attend a Lutheran day school. Before accepting the call to serve at Zion Ė Bunker Hill, Pastor Holle served at Messiah Lutheran Church in Lebanon, Illinois for 12-1/2 years.

Pastor Holle is committed to the teachings and confessions of the 16th century Lutheran reformers, and he treasures the historic traditions and practice which we have inherited from our forefathers. He loves preaching and teaching and leading worship where Godís Word and the Sacraments are the center and focus of Godís people, and he understands that his calling is one of service to both God and to His people.

Pastor Holle is always prepared to take time to visit with people about Godís Word, about the teachings of the Church, or about other needs or problems that may be troubling them. Please donít hesitate to stop in and chat with him at the church or parsonage, or give him a call (or contact him via the internet) if you have any questions or concerns.