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Zion has a Saturday night service as well as a Sunday morning service. Come join us for delicious donuts and coffee while we listen to Pastor and Seminarians fill us with God's Word. By the way kids love our Sunday School program.

Worship Services

Sunday Morning at 10

Bible Study

Sunday Morning 8.45

Free Donuts and Refreshments!

Sunday School

Sunday Morning 8.45

“Its a Blast” -Zion Kids

Little Blessings Preschool

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About Us

The Holy Spirit is constantly working through us. We have a wide variety of skills, talents, and personalities. We give everything to the glory of God.

Who we are

We are a Lutheran Church part of the LCMS. We enjoy church fellowship with millions of Christians around the world and are quickly becoming one of the largest church bodies in the world. Practically speaking, we see God’s Law as a perfect guide for our lives, but when we fail to keep it we see how destructive our actions, attitudes, and behaviors can be. God, however, does not hold this sin against us. He has made us free from the faults we have committed. Praise the Lord!

Zion is also involved in an exciting program called “Field Work Education” run by Concordia Seminary in St. Louis. Zion serves as the home for 3 Seminarians each year, who gradually take on more responsibilities and get more acquainted with the practical side of learning.

Our witness to the world

Faith in Christ
Love Towards Our neighbor
Teaching others
Gods Love for Us
Bold Confession
Involvement in our Community

our leadership team

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Vacancy Pastor - Pastor

Zion Lutheran in Bunker Hill, Illinois is committed to finding a new pastor to serve their church. Currently Zion has a vacancy pastor that can attend to any immediate needs of the congregation.
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Crystal Wagner - Director of Little Blessings Preschool

Working with kids is Crystal's passion. She does an excellent job of incorporating the love of Jesus into every aspect of the classroom experience.
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Wayne Enke - Congregation Chairman

If Wayne was born on the east coast, he would be a sailor. Simply said, he keeps our ship on a steady course.
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Mary Jo Henrichs - Assistant of Little Blessings Preschool

"I'm bored" are two words Mary Jo hasn't ever heard before. She embodies excitement and the kids love her playfulness.

Pastor’s letter to you

dear friends,

Greetings to you in the name of our risen Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, to whom all glory and honor be forever and ever. Amen. In keeping with our Mission Statement, “Sharing the Love of Christ with All,” the purpose of this website is to acquaint you with the ministry of Zion Lutheran Church, which is designed for God’s children of all ages! We hope that this information will be helpful to you if you are looking for a church home or if you are just curious about our congregation. We want you to know that we are here to serve you and your family with the Gospel of Jesus Christ as you strive to meet the demands of everyday living. To that end we have established many programs to help meet the needs of our community. Please take a few minutes to browse through the following information, and if you have any questions or concerns feel free to get in touch with us at the Church office, either by phone or via email. God bless you!

Zion Bunker Hill

what we stand for

We acknowledge and accept all the canonical books of the Old and New Testaments as God’s revealed Word of truth, verbally inspired by the Holy Spirit. We are a “Bible church” because the Bible is the only source of what we believe and teach. We are “Lutheran” because, along with Dr. Martin Luther, the 16th century German reformer, we follow the Bible by believing:

  1. That every person is born a sinner who is spiritually blind, dead, and an enemy of God, eternally condemned and unable to save himself.
  2. That God is a God of love, who is merciful toward sinners.
  3. That Jesus Christ, who is both God and man, was sent to earth by His Heavenly Father to live a perfect life in our place and to make a perfect sacrifice on our behalf.
  4. That this sacrifice climaxed in His bodily resurrection from the dead.
  5. That in Christ, God gives us forgiveness, peace, and eternal life.
  6. That we receive those gifts through faith, which is created by the Holy Spirit through water and the Word, and involves trusting Jesus Christ alone for salvation. Our loving response is “Telling the Good News of Jesus.”

Our Stained Glass Windows

These stained glass windows light up our sanctuary. Not only do they spice things up a bit, but they also serve as a teaching tool. Do you know what each symbol means?

christian education opportunities


Ages 3 -4 years old Monday thru Friday 9-11.30 a.m



Ages 3 through Grade 2 Wednesdays 3.30-4.30 p.m. – Bible stories, games, crafts, & snacks



Grade 3 through Grade 5 Wednesdays 3.30-4.30 p.m. – Bible stories, games, & snacks



Women’s Organization meets every 3rd Thursday of the month



High schoolers meet Sunday evenings and other selected days



Adult Bible Study and Fellowship Tuesdays from 9-10 a.m. in the Parish Hall



Ages 3 year olds to Grade 7 meet the 1st full week in June, M-F 8.45-11.30 a.m.

Zion serving the community

Monthly Shelter Care Devotions

Support Local Food Pantry

Deliver Meals on Wheels

Annual Sausage Supper

History of Zion Lutheran Church

The formal organization of Zion Lutheran Congregation began in 1892. It appears that the first Lutheran service, was conducted by the Rev. E. T. Richter, pastor of Emmaus Lutheran Church of Dorsey.  The congregation numbered 13 families.  Worship services were conducted in various places.  Most of the services were conducted in the old public school and in Huber’s Hall, above what now is the Bunker Hill Pharmacy.


In the spring of 1892 the advisability of building a house of worship was discussed.  On June 4, 1892. Five members signed the Church Constitution.  The congregation was given the name, “The Evangelical Zion Congregation in and about Bunker Hill.”  A lot, 231 feet by 99 feet, was purchased for $200 dollars and a contract was signed to build a frame church 26 feet by 40 feet.  The cornerstone was laid Nov. 9, 1893, and the building was dedicated April 9, 1893.  April 1894, the congregation, with only fourteen voting members, resolved to call a resident pastor.  The Rev. John Holthusen became the first pastor and served from 1894 to 1896.  In addition to serving as pastor, he was also to conduct a Christian day school.  In 1903, a lot 231 feet by 99 feet just east of the church was purchased to build a parsonage.  In 1922, the congregation had grown to such an extent that the seating capacity had become inadequate.  It was resolved to build a new church, a frame building 40 by 70 feet, with a full basement.  The old church was dismantled, and materials from it were incorporated into the new building.  This second house of worship was dedicated on January 28, 1923, Rev. Edward J. Birner, pastor, officiating. On January 25, 1948, the 25th anniversary of the dedication was celebrated.  The church had just been renovated and beautified at considerable costs.


On March 19, 1948, a tornado demolished an estimated 80% of the town.  The recently renovated church was completely destroyed, as well as the parsonage.  For two months after the storm, the congregation worshipped in St Peter’s Lutheran Church in Prairietown.  For three months after that, the services were held in the local Lincoln Theatre.  From September l948 to December 1951, the congregation met in the basement of the old church, over which a roof had been placed.  A new parsonage was constructed in 1948 and in the same year a lot was purchased to the west of the demolished church to serve as the site for the new church.  Groundbreaking ceremonies for the new church were conducted on August 6, 1950.  This new church was completed and dedicated on January 27, 1952. January 1962, the congregation approved the construction of an educational building.  The ground breaking ceremonies were held on August 3, 1963, and the cornerstone laying ceremonies on December 8, and the completed building was dedicated on May 2, 1964.


In 1895, the Zion Lutheran Congregation opened a Christian Day School, which was conducted in the church.  The various pastors took on the additional duties of teaching school.  Beginning in 1924 regular teachers served in the school.  In 1932, due chiefly to financial depression, the Christian Day School was closed.  In the fall of 1932, Pastor E.T.J. Birner organized the first Bible Class.  In the spring of 1933, Sunday school for children of pre-confirmation age was organized.  After the School was closed in 1932, the Pastor began to give religious instruction on Saturday mornings to children not yet confirmed.  For several years confirmation classes have been held for the students in the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades.  Zion Lutheran had thirteen pastors to serve from 1894 to 1993 as well as the current pastor, Terry Grebing.



Inspirational Messages and Latest News

Are you wondering what we have planned next? We will post exciting upcoming events here as well as our facebook page! Check it out.

Text:  Luke 2:22-32

Title:  “Simeon’s Bucket List”

Written by Rev. Terry Grebing, Pastor at Zion

          A Bucket List consists of all the things you want to do before you kick the bucket.   “The Bucket List” is the title of a movie starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman.  It tells the story of two terminally ill men who had a list of adventurous things to do before they exited this world in death. 

          What is on your bucket list?  Our immediate bucket list:  That the groundhog would not see his shadow today.  We may be tired of winter, wanting it to be over already.  Our longer term bucket list may include – “Going to the Super Bowl some day – indoor stadium, of course!” 

          What else is on your bucket list?  Visit all 50 states?  Visit a foreign country?  Meet a famous person?  Pursue a particular career?  Climb a mountain?  Run a marathon?  [Offer or solicit several more suggestions].  We may not do it all, but so what?

          Shifting gears a bit, “What was the first thing on God’s bucket list for us?”  Well, the first and primary thing on God’s bucket list for us was the last and primary thing on Simeon’s bucket list for himself!

          “Simeon’s Bucket List” – could be summarized as “seeing the Lord’s Christ.”It had been revealed to him by the Holy Spirit that it would happen!  Whenever that happened, he would be ready to die!  And it happened in our text!  Background to Purification of Mary and Presentation of Our Lord – this would have taken place when Jesus was 40 days old.  Short trip to Jerusalem from Bethlehem, about six miles!

          For purification, offered a pair of turtle doves; for presentation, if Jesus had not been given to the Lord, he’d be redeemed for five shekels.  When Jesus’ family entered the temple, the Spirit induced Simeon to do likewise.  Simeon’s temple service as a watchman waiting for the fulfillment of Israel was now ended.  He didn’t dramatically drop dead on the spot.  But, he was now ready to die when the Lord was ready for him. 

        “Now I’ve seen everything!”  That phrase is spoken with mixed emotions.  Negatively, we shake our heads at headlines of discord & violence.  I’m not surprised at anything.  Positively, we are able to sing the song of Simeon.  To illustrate, when Simeon took Jesus in his arms, it was like holding a spiritual flashlight.  Batteries were not included or necessary, for the God-Man was internally aglow with glory!

          Baptism is at the top of our bucket list for babies.  The Christ candle serving as the source for lighting the baptismal candle is symbolic of the light of faith being lit by the Light of the world through Baptism by the power of the Holy Spirit.

          Now that you’ve seen the Lord’s Christ, what’s next?  Now that Simeon’s Bucket List has been filled for us, “Today is a good day to die.  Today is a better day to live for Him.”  Not knowing when we might take our final breath, we’re called to make the most of every moment.  And that’s not easy!  Some days, we’re afraid of our own shadow. 

          What is on a groundhog’s bucket list?  To not see his shadow; if he sees it, he becomes afraid, climbing back into the comfort of his dark hole.

          Simeon refers to Jesus as “a light to lighten the Gentiles and the glory of Thy people Israel.”  Sometimes, Christians shy away from the light of Christ—for fear that we’ll miss out on earthly pleasures, or perhaps out of past guilt.  To illustrate, “Groundhog Day” is a movie starring Bill Murray.  The same day keeps happening over and over again.  Hopelessly stuck in a rut, his aloof character gets repeated chances to get it right, and finally, he does—sort of!

          Oh, don’t we wish we had repeated chances to get it right!  Think back to the most embarrassing day of your life.  If we could go back and do it over again, learning from our mistakes, how many retakes would it take to get it right? Too many to count!  Since we can’t go back, our daily “Bucket List” prayer is, “God, be merciful to me, a sinner.”  As we pray that prayer, we can count on the Lord’s mercy & forgiveness.

          What happened to Mary & Joseph shortly after this incident?  The Flight to Egypt.  Not an airplane trip, but fleeing from danger!  He would be kept safe, return to Nazareth, grow up in relative obscurity, go to the temple at age 12; then log 18 more years of obscurity.  The next 3 years, His bucket list included just us.  “The Son of Man has come to seek & to save the lost…I came not to call the righteous, but sinners.”  

          What was on the Lord’s bucket list for Himself?  Vv. 33-35 [immediate context] “A sword will pierce your soul!” Simeon told Mary.  Jesus was destined to die for us.  Mary knew it!  The fact that her Son was born to die was her cross to bear patiently. 

          At times we have to bear our crosses.  How do we bear our crosses patiently? By recalling what the Lord has done for us!  On the cross, before He bowed His head and died, He declared, “It is finished!”  As icing on the cake, He raised His body to life, and ascended bodily into heaven to put the finishing touches on our heavenly mansions.” 

          Meanwhile, the Holy Spirit acts in our behalf by keeping us connected to Christ.  To illustrate, Pope Francis recently released a pair of doves; they got dive-bombed by a couple of predatory birds!  It was awful!  What happened when the pope released those doves accurately portrays what happens to God’s people in this predatory world.  “Be sober, be vigilant, for your adversary the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.  Resist him, standing firm in the faith.”  By the power of the Holy Spirit who appeared in the form of a dove at Jesus’ baptism, we’re protected.

           We are part of the Lord’s Bucket List Brigade that involves Living Water.  The story is told of a man who worked really hard to paint the middle line on the roadway with a simple brush and bucket of white paint.  The first day he painted two miles.  Outstanding!  The next day a mile and a half.  Not bad!  The next day barely ¾ of a mile.  What’s going on?  The foreman confronted him, asking, “Why?” He replied, “What did you expect?  I keep getting farther & farther away from the bucket.” 

          As you strive to serve the Lord during troubled times, don’t try to tackle it all by yourself.  Take the Bucket with you.  “But what does it say?  The word is near you; it is in your mouth and in your heart, that is, the word of faith that we are proclaiming.”

          At Diane’s dad’s funeral, with both parents now deceased, the pastor quietly reminded Diane & her brother, Chuck, “You are the next generation.  Your time is now.” 

          That’s true for all of us.  Having declared, “Lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age,” the Lord keeps filling our buckets of faith with living water so that we can keep spilling living water wherever we go:  From womb to tomb and beyond!

          “Oh, the sweet joy this sentence gives:  I know that my Redeemer lives!”  Those words serve as an alternate version of Simeon’s Song.  Even as Simeon expressed unbridled joy while holding a 40-day-old baby; we express unbridled joy as we are beholding an adult Savior who, 40 days after He rose, ascended bodily into heaven. 

          The last item on the Lord’s bucket list for us at the end of time is expressed in the words, “And if go and prepare a place for you, I will come again to receive you to myself that, where I am, there you may be also.”  In the mean time, my fellow buckets in Christ: there is a plenty of filling & spilling to be done, so I’d better say, “Amen!”


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